I Was Gonna Freak Out About The Pope Visiting Kim Davis—Then Jesus Showed Up.

For once I beat John Pavlovitz to the blog. But I know I’m on the right track when we say the same thing.

john pavlovitz

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As a Christian and pastor (and former Catholic) who affirms the full equality of LGBTQ people, I’ll be honest: this one stings.

The revelation that Pope Francis secretly met with defiantly anti-gay Kentucky courthouse clerk Kim Davis during his recent US visit, was a real punch to the gut. (Truth be told, it was closer to a swift kick in the crotch.)

This was uniquely true for me, as I had only days ago published this piece, lauding the Pope’s seemingly fresh approach to ministry and the great things his trip here had appeared to yield in the name of religion.

(Impending facepalm in 3…2…1…)

When news of the clandestine chat broke, people who love and support the gay community (and of course many within the community itself) as well as anti-religious folks all unsurprisingly moved immediately into full-blown social media freak out mode—and I don’t blame them a bit. After…

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About revcopado

Rev. Michael F. Copado is an ordained Unity Minister (Unity School of Christianity class of 2003) and a graduate of Unity’s Urban Ministerial School in Detroit. He has served at or spoken at Unity/New Thought churches in Michigan, Missouri and Florida. He was the founder of the Center for Positive Christianity in Wellington Florida, and helped found the Spiritual Life Center of Midtown Detroit (now Spiritual Life Center of Ferndale.) He is one of the officiants of Wayne State University School of Medicine’s annual interfaith memorial service for those who have donated their bodies for medical research. He is an accomplished retreat leader and small group facilitator. He was a regular facilitator of men’s workshops and retreats such as “Man Alive” and for the Detroit Men’s Wisdom Council, and Men of Today (the Men’s group of the Church of Today, in Warren Michigan.) He has also been involved with “The Living Course,” “Taking It Lightly,” and the “Bamboo Bridge” weekend workshops. His 6 week course, “Knowing God, Knowing Ourselves, and Knowing Each Other” was a featured course at Unity Village Chapel, the main worship center at Unity Village. He also has worked at the Silent Unity Prayer Ministry, and was a contributor to The Daily Word magazine. He is a passionate advocate for Marriage Equality, a women’s right to choose, physician assisted suicide, as well as racial and gender equality. He is also a firm believer in healthy human sexuality, and sexual education, having assisted in the human sexuality curriculum at Wayne State School of Medicine and facilitated the online “Sex and Spirituality” discussion for several years on Literotica.com. Rev. Michael is available in Michigan for preaching/public speaking, retreats/workshops, as well as weddings, commitment ceremonies, memorials and divorce/separation rituals.
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