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The “M” word (A blast from my internet Past)

I wrote the following piece for my Myspace (remember that?) blog over a decade ago. It was after what was probably the 10,000th rejection on some dating site where the person, even after several days of communicating with each other … Continue reading

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Rev. Greta Vosper, “atheist minister” on CBC radio this morning.

Back in August I wrote a piece in support of United Church of Canada Minister, the Rev. Greta Vosper and her hope to keep her job despite identifying as an atheist.” This morning she was featured on CBC’s wonderful program … Continue reading

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Je Suis Paris, Je Suis Beirut, Je Suis the World.

I realize this is larger than just Paris. I have attempted to remove the original “Eiffel Tower Peace Symbol” from the initial featured image with something I made to symbolize the fact that I mourn for the planet right now. I’m a newbie to WP so forgive me if things seem a little strange on this blog. Continue reading

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A joyous and peaceful Festival of Lights to you.

To my Hindu brothers and sisters, may your Diwali be a joyous and peaceful one. What is Diwali? By Lizzie Porter, London Telegraph Millions of Hindus and Jains – followers of an ancient Indian religion that shares concepts with Hinduism … Continue reading

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One more for the cup war…

I want to step away from the Christmas thing, I really do… But this is rich. If you don’t know why I find this so goshdarn funny, it’s because it is a play on THIS Ghandi meme;

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Reflections on an Upcoming Ordination (Mine)

Originally posted on My Hue In The Rainbow:
‘Have you checked your Kakao Talk?’ Daniel asked. ‘No, not yet. Why?’ I responded. ‘I just put a message there for you. You’ve been approved for ordination by the PCA[1]’. I remember…

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I Was Gonna Freak Out About The Pope Visiting Kim Davis—Then Jesus Showed Up.

Originally posted on john pavlovitz:
As a Christian and pastor (and former Catholic) who affirms the full equality of LGBTQ people, I’ll be honest: this one stings. The revelation that Pope Francis secretly met with defiantly anti-gay Kentucky courthouse clerk…

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