Meditation Monday #4 Spark Meditation

“Spark Meditation”

Merton SparkMany mystics and theologians from Meister Eckhart, through Thomas Merton and up to Marrianne Williamson have used the analogy of our connection to God, to spirit as a spark at the center of our being.

A pure, perfect point of light in each of us that is the same spark the “anointing”  or “Christos” in Jesus and other spiritual masters.

While Thomas Merton feels that that “spark” is untouchable by us, “mere humans” and is only the provenance of  God, many, myself included believe that that place can be reached at any time. In fact I believe that this divine spark needs to be nurtured by our attention to it, and with that attention it, through moments of prayer and meditation it can be made to grow.

I believe that those people we consider “special;” the Jesus, or Buddha or other mystics and avatars, past, present and future are simply those folks who, through their spiritual practices, are able to “burn their lights brightly.” They are really no different than us, light shine williamsonother than the fact that they have a constant awareness of their connection to God, the universe and to each other. And having reached that state of awareness, which those in the East may call Samādhi, and those of us with a Christian bent my call an “awareness of the Kingdom of Heaven within,” they then seek to ignite that spark in those around them. And we don’t have to have reached that pure/perfect state of consciousness yet to be a guide or inspiration for others, the calm, centered life we live is often enough.

So let us begin this week by taking a moment to feed that internal seed, that divine spark, with a few breaths and a moment of awareness.



About revcopado

Rev. Michael F. Copado is an ordained Unity Minister (Unity School of Christianity class of 2003) and a graduate of Unity’s Urban Ministerial School in Detroit. He has served at or spoken at Unity/New Thought churches in Michigan, Missouri and Florida. He was the founder of the Center for Positive Christianity in Wellington Florida, and helped found the Spiritual Life Center of Midtown Detroit (now Spiritual Life Center of Ferndale.) He is one of the officiants of Wayne State University School of Medicine’s annual interfaith memorial service for those who have donated their bodies for medical research. He is an accomplished retreat leader and small group facilitator. He was a regular facilitator of men’s workshops and retreats such as “Man Alive” and for the Detroit Men’s Wisdom Council, and Men of Today (the Men’s group of the Church of Today, in Warren Michigan.) He has also been involved with “The Living Course,” “Taking It Lightly,” and the “Bamboo Bridge” weekend workshops. His 6 week course, “Knowing God, Knowing Ourselves, and Knowing Each Other” was a featured course at Unity Village Chapel, the main worship center at Unity Village. He also has worked at the Silent Unity Prayer Ministry, and was a contributor to The Daily Word magazine. He is a passionate advocate for Marriage Equality, a women’s right to choose, physician assisted suicide, as well as racial and gender equality. He is also a firm believer in healthy human sexuality, and sexual education, having assisted in the human sexuality curriculum at Wayne State School of Medicine and facilitated the online “Sex and Spirituality” discussion for several years on Rev. Michael is available in Michigan for preaching/public speaking, retreats/workshops, as well as weddings, commitment ceremonies, memorials and divorce/separation rituals.
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